Q&A Call for Proposals for Small Scale Infrastructure Projects

February 4, 2022

Q: Can an underdeveloped rural settlement in a municipality be categorized as a substandard settlement - if we take into account the level of communal equipment, road network, etc.?

A: Yes, any settlement, whether urban or rural, that does not meet the expected level of standards and criteria such as communal and roed infrastructure, accessibility, etc., can be considered substandard (criteria given in Annex A).

Q: Is it possible to buy a container for housing the Roma population?

A: No, housing support projects are not eligible under this Call. In general, containers are not acceptable as a form of housing solution and support, in accordance with the Law on Housing and Building Maintenance and UN and EU recommendations.

Q: Is it possible to purchase a vehicle, e.g. a garbage truck?

A: In the project proposal, it is necessary to explain that the planned works and equipment are exclusively intended to improve living conditions in substandard settlements, ie their justification should be clearly argued. Procurement of equipment is possible in the maximum amount of 30% of the amount of the requested grant. Garbage containers or recycling yards within a substandard settlement would be a more acceptable type of intervention and equipment in a particular case.

Q: If we can get additional clarification for VAT, as it is marked in the presentation as the co-financing of LSGs? Are we doing VAT exemptions?

A: All costs paid from the grant funds are exempt from VAT. For the costs paid from the funds of the LSG participation, VAT is included and it should be covered by the LSG.

Q: The municipality is the founder of the Public Utility Company, which, among other things, performs the construction and reconstruction of water supply and sewerage networks. Every year, the local assembly makes a decision on granting the exclusive right, so no procurement is conducted when the company is the contractor. Would that be acceptable in case we are approved for the construction or reconstruction of the water supply and sewerage network in the streets of the substandard settlement?

A: Since this possibility is recognized by the law, it is completely acceptable.

Q: Is it possible to apply for the replacement of carpentry and procurement of equipment for the Public Enterprise Institute for Urbanism?

A: This institution is not within the system of social infrastructure, ie social standard services whose improvement of accessibility to users from substandard settlements is conditioned by this Call (education, health, social protection, sports, culture). In that sense, the type of project you are proposing would not be acceptable.

Q: Are the kindergarten and the reconstruction of the kindergarten acceptable?

A: If it is a kindergarten within reach of and attended by preschool children from one or more substandard settlements, that is acceptable.


Q: Is road construction acceptable?

A: If it is an access road or street network within a substandard settlement, it is an acceptable project activity. The project needs to offer an analysis and explanation of the problems and needs of the substandard settlement and its residents or target groups.

Q: Is it necessary to focus on key target groups as in previous calls, with only 10% of the local poor population? In previous calls, we had indicators set for 4 key target groups.

A: The proposed infrastructure projects should aim to improve the living conditions of target groups defined by the program, through a direct or indirect relation. Unlike previous calls where the achievement of said indicators was mandatory, in this case, it does not apply.

Q: Should a signed letter of intent be sent separately from the application, within 30 days from the date of publication of the call?

A: The letter of intent must be submitted by 10 February 2022, separately from the application, which is to be submitted by 28 February 2022.

Q: Can two activities be listed in two substandard settlements?

A: Yes, it is possible to plan more project activities at different locations within the LSG territory.

Q: Is the project limited exclusively to informal Roma settlements, or can it also apply for the renovation of social housing facilities that house people living in those settlements?

A: The project is not limited to Roma settlements, it includes different types of substandard settlements according to the criteria defined in Chapter 1.5 of Annex A - Application Form. However, this Call is solely aimed at infrastructure projects, so the interventions in housing facilities and housing support are not acceptable project activities.

Q: Is it possible to apply with the project of construction and upgrade of the line for drainage of wastewater to the cadastral parcel provided for the work zone for which we have prepared project-technical documentation?

A: Since the mentioned infrastructure works are not intended for a specific substandard settlement and improvement of living conditions of users, this type of project activity is not acceptable.

Q: Is it necessary to budget the costs of the project audit?

A: Audit of the project and all activities during implementation is not mandatory. The project, if the applicant deems it necessary, can envisage an audit and budget its costs accordingly.

Q: Can containers for collective housing be considered equipment? Can they be purchased under this call?

A: This call is intended for infrastructure projects, so housing or support projects are not eligible. In general, containers are not acceptable as a form of housing solution and support, in accordance with the Law on Housing and Building Maintenance and UN and EU recommendations.

Q: Is it necessary to change the systematization for team members given that the direct costs of team salaries are up to 30%?

A: No change in the systematization is required, the members of the project team are appointed by a decision of the mayor. The project can plan monthly costs for salaries of employees in the local administration up to a maximum of 30% of gross salary, in accordance with legal regulations.

Q: We plan to apply for a project to construct a road in the busiest street in the Roma settlement of Didino selo in Kostolac, but we would also like to do reconstruction or construction of a playground in the same settlement. Given that these are two different projects, the question is whether we could include a road and a playground in the application?

A: It is possible to include more project activities in the project proposal, given that the minimum grant amount you can request is 150,500 USD. An appropriate act for each intervention (building permit, approval of works, etc.) in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Planning and Construction and depending on the type of planned interventions, must be submitted with the application.